Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Dungeon: Accessorize!

To break up the project and have something to do while waiting for pieces to dry, I painted up some pieces to add some flair to the dungeon. Since I'm low on dungeon decor at the moment, I dug up some terrain from the Mines of Moria set Games Workshop put out and whipped them up real quick:

Here we have Balin's Tomb:

And a dwarven well. I added some moss, covered the bottom with some paper that was painted dark green, then filled it with some clear school glue. It was still not dry as of this picture, so we'll see how it comes out. I really need to splurge on some water effects resin.

A couple of columns, though these are too big to be practical in all but the biggest rooms:

A couple of trap doors. I love how well they blend into the floor and are amazingly exactly the right size.

A lock box/treasure chest. I went for a bronze look but I'm not really sure I nailed it.

And finally, some fun with the pieces:

Overall, I'm very happy with how it came out. I can't wait to get more dungeon decor from different companies to liven up the dungeon. First I have to get more rooms painted up though!

Happy gaming!


  1. Wow! That looks great! Perfect Mines of Moria terrain!

  2. Nice job on your dungeon tiles! Did you know you can now pledge for a kickstarter project with these same tiles, cast in resin (lighter!), for a very friendly price? I'm very tempted to pledge, but I must resist... Seeing your pictures isn't making that easier though :P
    Here's the link: