Saturday, June 21, 2014

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

Well, no, I'd actually like to thank Paul Smith, AKA EndTransmission for sending me a Liebster Award for my blog.

Look at it! Loooook!

Ok, so its not a big super-prestigious thing, but it means a lot to me. I've admired Paul's stuff for a while now and if he thinks my blog is deserving of a little extra attention then I'm a happy man. Thanks a lot, Paul, and I really appreciate it!

For those of you who don't know, the Liebster Award is sort of like a chain letter. Someone sends you the award, along with a bunch of questions to answer, then you post a few random facts about yourself and finally you pick 5 or so other blogs to send the award to with your own list of questions. This continues until the entire internet is filled with nothing but Liebster Awards and cat pictures.

As long as the cat pictures survive, no one will really notice anyway.
That said, I suppose I should get down to answering Paul's questions:

1) What was your first wargame?  If by wargame you mean "miniatures wargame" the I would have to say Battle Masters. If Milton Bradley games don't count, then Warhammer. The game to really blame for all this nonsense is HeroQuest. It's not a wargame but I wouldn't have gotten into miniatures without it.

2) What is your favorite wargame? These days it is A Song of Blades & Heroes by a large margin. It is fun, fast and it accommodates my need for piles of disparate miniatures. I love throwing crazy warbands from several different manufacturers on the table and somehow have it all make sense. My homebrew dungeon crawl rules wouldn't exist without it.

3) What is your favorite model and why? It would have to be my D&D cleric.

It's a perfect example of old school Ral Partha coolness. I've always had a thing for clerics in D&D. This one is all stoic, heavily armored and carries a big smashy morningstar. It has everything I look for in a cleric. Plus, now that I've gotten him painted some 20 odd years later, I think he's one of my better paint jobs.

4) If you could only choose one paint range to work with, what would it be? Jeer all you like, but that would be Games Workshop's paints. I've used them for so long I don't know any better. Plus over the past few years they have put out some great products like their washes and Foundation paints. I haven't worked with any of their newest range beyond a few technicals, but I'm sure I will get some when I run out of my current colors.

5) What game do you feel is underrated and everyone should try at least once? Dungeon Command. Seriously, I don't think people really got it. The lack of dice really makes you think about where you place your figures and what cards to burn when. And who doesn't like a nice pile of dungeon tiles and pre-painted minis?

6) What songs are you listening to at the moment? People look at me like some sort of alien when I say this, but I'm not a huge music person. I paint with movies playing the background 99% of the time. When I do listen to music, its usually Irish pub songs or something comedic. So maybe that's why I can't stop listening to this and giggling:

7) What is your comfort film? The Princess Bride. I watch it every time I'm sick or feeling depressed. I can quote it backwards and forwards. That probably means I need some sort of professional help.

8) What do you do for fun when not gaming or painting? I don't understand the question.

9) Are you looking forward to the new Star Wars films? Yes, though I would not be a proper curmudgeon if I didn't hate them immediately after viewing them. And each time I view them after that, and so on until I die.

10) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Professional game designer. I would need heaps more ambition in order for that to work out but how could I say no to making and playing games all day?

11) If you could go and see one historical event, what would it be? Sitting in on Gary Gygax's first D&D session would be pretty neat.

According to the Liebster rules, I'm also supposed to post 11 random facts about myself.

1) I have red hair and I don't actually find the "gingers have no soul" thing funny. Its not that I find it offensive, its just that it got old REALLY quick. Find a new and clever way to pick on me and I'll laugh too.

2) My great grandmother was from Belfast, Ireland, so I am closer to being of Irish descent than 90% of people who celebrate St. Paddy's Day.

3) I can't really drink anymore due to stomach issues. This is torture to an Irishman.

4) The oldest game I own is a Shakespeare card game from the early 1800s. I have never played it.

5) I am primarily a solo gamer. This is due to scheduling issues, the collapse of my long-time gaming group, and more than a few social anxiety issues. I'm trying to fix that last part but it is slow going.

6) There is no fact #6.

7) I love this song:

And  I am constantly making up new tunes to this melody in my everyday life.

8) I used to attend LARP events. No elf ears were involved but I was a samurai for a while.

9) My wardrobe consists mainly of TeeFury shirts.

10) I own a Boston Terrier who throws temper tantrums:

11) My favorite TV show of all time is Futurama, but I've been really getting into Archer lately.

Ok, so I guess I have to give out some awards myself. Wee Blokes, Handgreandealiens Retro Dungeon, Fantasy Paper Miniature, magehammer's Gaming Table, Matt's gaming page, and Chicago Skirmish Wargames come on down and claim your prize! Here are your 11 questions:

1) What game got you into the gaming hobby?
2) What is your favorite game?
3) What is your favorite game to teach?
4) What hobby project are you most proud of?
5) What is your favorite type/style of game?
6) Marvel or DC?
7) Are you afraid of the brain spiders?
8) What super power would you choose to have?
9) Are you gonna eat that?
10) How any different games do you own?
11) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

So yeah, that's it. Can't wait to see the answers guys.

Happy gaming!


  1. Yeah, I should have probably said game, rather than wargame... I used to own two copes of BattleMasters for larger games. It came in handy when I finally found Warhammer :)

    I'm primarily a solo gamer too, so I should probably give Song of Blade and Heroes a go

    1. It really is great. The activation system really keeps you from formulating a perfect plan for one side or another. Some people have gone a bit further with different colored dice and stuff for an AI, but its honestly not necessary.