Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle Report: Heroes vs. Orcs!

As my inaugural post, I figured I'd get right down to what this blog is about: mighty fantasy heroes fighting monsters! 

This is a short SoBH skirmish I did using my 2ft by 2ft board and 28mm minis. I used the 15mm measuring sticks and it seemed to work just perfectly.

 Hearing that a roving band of orcs had taken up residence in a ruined watchtower, the brave heroes vow to destroy them and end the danger to the countryside.

The Heroes: Human Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Half-elf Wizard, Human Rogue, Human Paladin and Elf Ranger.

The Villains: An Orc Warchief, 5 Savage Orcs and 2 Orc Archers.

The heroes advance on the orcs, the ranger and rogue splitting off to cut off the flanking orc archers.

The orcs rush forward, catching the dwarf off guard and slaying him. The death is so gruesome that the cleric and wizard flee!

The orcs surround the paladin, knocking him off balance while the cleric struggles to regain his wits.

The paladin regains his footing and says one of his attackers. The cleric rallies as two orcs bear down on him and the wizard hides behind his armored friend.

One of the orcs gets through the cleric's guard and slays the wizard. The cleric's courage falters once more and he flees.

Sensing their comrades are in danger, the ranger and rogue break off from the orc archers and rush to help. The cleric is forced back into the battle, an orc catching up to him as he runs.

Disaster! The paladin, after battling multiple opponents for several minutes finally succumbs to weariness and is cut down. With his loss, the cleric and rogue flee for their lives, leaving the ranger surrounded by the orc menace.

The ranger dodges out of combat and makes a break for it.

A quick run through the woods cuts the main orc force off and the ranger readies himself to do battle with the archers once more.

However, the archers' brief respite has given them the energy to hack down the poor elf. The orcs win the day and live to pillage the surrounding villages!

I had a lot of fun with this battle, mainly because I was able to run it on a TV tray in the comfort of my living room (even though the gaming room is very nice). I think I will be doing more with 28mm on a 2ft by 2ft board in the future and definitely gives me ideas for travel gaming!


  1. Love your play-by-play. A fun read! Thanks for sharing. I have several bat reps on my blog as well.

    Keep the posts coming and the dice rolling!

  2. Thanks. this is my first blog experience so I hope I can keep up with it.

  3. Thanks, i will mention this blog on my social media.

  4. Very cool stuff! The figures also bring back some memories as I painted some of those heroes up for a friend of mine years ago. Also reminds me that I need to get off my butt and got some more posted on my own blog as well. Definitely look forward to seeing more in the future!

    1. I still have two minis from that set to finish up. When I'm done I will posy all six!

  5. Great Job! SBH is a really fun game. I linked this on my blog and commented there as well.