Friday, April 27, 2012

Dungeon: Fungi and Vermin

I spent a little time working on my dungeon project, and while I am still waiting for some materials to arrive to finish off the room I am working on, I figured I'd post what I'd finished so far.

First is a patch of mushrooms in a room corner. Instead of going for crazy, bright colors, I decided to aim for a more realistic hue. I also added some mold around the bottom to hide the bases and spread it to the walls to increase the grossness factor. The mushrooms are from a GW night goblin sprue I picked up a while ago.

The other room corner I finished contains a rat's nest, partially inspired by Diablo II (I fondly remember kicking open a lot of them looking for loot). It also makes sense, since a dungeon would have its fair share of regular vermin in addition to the monstrous type. It is made from a couple of broken up pieces of wooded coffee stirrer with dead-colored static grass all over. I only wish I had an appropriate sized rat to give it more context, but I'm still looking.

I decided to use the remaining pieces of broken coffee stirrer to add some debris to the floor. I figure there probably aren't a lot of hobgoblins with brooms roaming about to clean up. I made sure to keep the pieces out of the middle of the squares so miniatures could stand in them, but they aren't so high that they couldn't be stood on. I definitely plan to add more of this sort of thing to give some extra life.

And now some action shots, first with the pieces I finished this week:

And mixed up with some of my previous pieces:

That's it for this round. Let me know what you think and thanks for viewing! Hopefully the rest of my materials come soon and I can finish off the room.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dungeon: I Am A Tiny Carpenter

This is just a small update, but I had a go at making my first model table. It is made from coffee stirrers with bamboo skewers for the legs. Its not perfect, but hey, I'll just say its orcish craftsmanship.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Battle Report: Sanctify The Tomb!

It has been a while since I posted and life has finally calmed down enough for me to get some good gaming in. I got in a quick and dirty Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish and took some pictures so I could share.

This skirmish is a scenario of my own devising. In it, a group of adventurers has heard that an ancient tomb of a fallen evil warlord lies in the nearby woods, and that a Death Priest may be looking to resurrect him as an undead terror for her nefarious purposes. After much searching, the adventurer's find the tomb, but the Death Priest has also arrived with her orc minions!

The battlefield:

 The warlord's tomb, using some of my dungeon project pieces:

The Adventurers:

The heroes consist of:

Barkos, Human Paladin: Q3+ C4 Fearless, Heavy Armor, Paladin
Dorin, Dwarf Fighter: Q3+ C5 Fearless, Short Move
Handon, Human Templar: Q3+ C3, Heavy Armor, Lethal vs. Undead
Tellethial, Elf Ranger: Q2+ C4 Forester, Stealth
Hawkins, Human Rogue Q3+ C3 Acrobat, Stealth, Traps
Elrais, Elf Wizard Q2+ C0 Magic User

The Death Priest and her minions:

Naraia, Death Priest: Q3+ C3 Evil, Heavy Armor, Leader, Necromancer
4 Orc Warriors: Q4+ C3

The forces assemble, each rushing to reach the tomb. Handon must use his Templar rights to sanctify the tomb by using a total of 3 actions (over any amount of turns), after which the warlord may not be raised as undead. Naraia must spend a total of 3 actions (over any number of turns) to raise the warlord to fight on her side. The warlord is Q3+ C5 Evil, Terror, Tough, Undead. In either case, the battle continues until all models on one side are dead.

The forces gather:

And both begin the mad dash for the tomb's entrance:

The orc line crashes into the heroes, cutting them off from the tomb:

And though the ranger and templar cut down a few orcs and send anther fleeing,

Naraia manages to sneak past and start her ritual of undeath!

A single orc guards the doorway, only to be transfixed by the wizard

Naraia makes progress:

The orc guard is cut down too late and the Death Priest finishes her spell. The warlord rises to to her bidding!

 The ranger rushes to engage the warlord but is slain. The warlord engages the paladin, but is dealt a harsh blow by the holy warrior's blade!

The wizard weaves a spell around the warlord, allowing Handon and Barkos to use their skills at fighting evil to injure the warlord further!

But the Death Priest raises the slain ranger to fight against his former comrades while they are kept at bay!

Handon banishes the warlord back to the nether-realm as Naraia fights Barkos, trying to find a way past to escape!

The now undead Elf moves forward and slays Handon, his skills with the blade apparently undulled by death.

 Enraged, Dorin charges through and destroys the walking corpse of his former friend:

Then turns his axe in the Death Priest, felling her and ending her evil! The heroes win the day!

I really enjoyed this skirmish, and especially liked having a secondary objective to achieve. You might not that the Death Priests initial force was weaker than the heroes. That is because I wanted to create a narrative scenario instead of a straight fight. It sets the heroes up for a win, yes, but the evil side comes out a little stronger with the warlord on their side. I have a feeling he would have been tougher if my rolls had come out better and he hadn't been up against the two most lethal figures (vs evil AND undead) on the opposing side.

All in all, it was a fun story to act out. The scenery really set the mood and using the dungeon pieces for the tomb worked out really well. I can't wait to finish the project so I can run full dungeon adventures!