Friday, March 23, 2012

More Dungeon: Twisting Halls

I managed to add a few more painted pieces to my dungeon. I decided I needed some halls to go with my room, so I chose a set and got painting. Here's what I ended up with:

We have the stairs leading down into the dungeon:

A short hall section:

A plain ol' corner section:

I also did a corner with some pools of slime:

To be honest, it didn't come out as wet or visible as i would like, but that's what I get for using tinted clear school glue instead of some kind of water effects. A close up:

I also added some slime to a four-way intersection:

The slime here is even less visible because it runs through the crack. Its subtle, I guess:

My favorite piece is the moldy T-section. I used the same tinted glue to stick down patches of green flock and I really like how the finished result came out:

And it looks even grosser from and adventurer's eye view:

Of course I have to show a couple of "assembled" shots:

And lastly, the reason I chose this particular set is because it can double as a room set-up:

I hope you all enjoyed my pictures. I'm hoping to bang out another set in a week or so, as long as life doesn't interfere too much. Happy gaming!

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