Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Mum-orial Day!

Hope all you gamers out there got some gaming in on this long holiday weekend. Personally, I got a little bit of progress done on my Cryx force, and I decided to have a little fun and paint up a mummy from my Bones Kickstarter.

Right now I'm really glad I bought into Bones. I didn't even prime this guys, so I could just pick up and paint on a whim. It's really to have a big pile of random fantasy figures to paint on the fly. The base is D&D style black for now, but I will probably go back and base him later. I also made a conscious decision to paint the eyes the same as the Bones zombies I painted up a while back. That way, there's a sort of connection between them, like maybe the zombies are the mummy's minions. Either way, I'm happy with how it came out for such a quick paint job.

I'm sure I'll find a million uses for a mummy, but I know he'll find his way into Strange Aeons for sure. He looks marvelous staring down my Threshold team.

That's all for now. Have a great rest of your holiday and happy gaming!


  1. Sorry I'm late to this one, the mummy looks great along side the rest of the horde!

    Here, have a Liebster award for your excellent blog :)

    1. Oh, hey thanks! I'll have to answer those questions ASAP!