Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh hey, a button....

You may notice a little "Donate" button on the left hand side of the page. Yes, it may seem kind of gauche, but its a little bit of an experiment. I'm not begging for money, really. I'm just sticking it down there to see what happens.

I enjoy writing stuff occasionally, and some of it I think is pretty interesting for others to read. I'm probably wrong, but it's possible that somewhere out in this vast universe there's someone who thinks "Oooh a new post on Deep Dark Dungeons!" To those people I say a heartfelt thank you. I'm not terribly good at this blog thing. I don't update regularly. I take pretty horrible pictures. I'm most likely not as entertaining as I think I am.

But if you do enjoy what you've read and want to show your appreciation with a little money, I would appreciate it. And if you think I totally suck and don't want to give me one red cent, that's cool too. And if you like my blog and still don't feel like donating, well, I still love you anyway. Like I said, its just there as an experiment. And who knows, if I get some sort of great response, then maybe I might start producing more content and not be as damnably lazy. Stranger things have happened.

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