Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Short, Sweet and Deadly

Hasslefree Miniatures makes some of the best female beauties in the business. When I saw their new female dwarf slayer named Hayden (a possible nod to a certain diminutive cheerleader on that show that had the super powers; you know the one) I had to have her. Hayden is the first female slayer I have encountered, and certainly has the most appealing dimensions of any female dwarf I've ever seen. So, I bought her and painted her up:

I went with blonde mostly because it felt more "Hayden" to me, and added blue tattoos to break up all the skin (and there's quite a bit). Some close-ups of the tats (that's an "a" not an "i" you pervs):

This was my first time really painting extensive tattoos. I definitely need more practice. I aimed for a mixture of pseudo-Celtic swirls mixed with some Norse/Germanic symbols.

She also has a pretty nice caboose for a tiny little dwarf lady. At some point I would like to pick up the *ahem* resin version of her. I always enjoy painting up Hasslefree's stuff and I am definitely planning on more in the future. Their dwarf line in general is pretty amazing, so I may give her some more heavily armored backup down the line.


  1. Is one of those tats misspelled? Because the prototype has one spelled wrong.

  2. Your diminutive cheerleader apparently got a quote tattooed on herself and it's misspelled. And yes, I am somewhat horrified that I know that. I'd confess it in church, but there are some things God won't forgive.

    1. I handn't head about that. Luckily my Hayden doesn't have any words in her tattoos to misspell. Although I have no idea if she might be hiding more under what little clothing she's wearing...