Monday, August 20, 2012

Dem Bones: Time's Almost Up!

I know this is kind of 11th hour at the moment, but Reaper's Bones Kickstarter has less than FOUR DAYS LEFT!

If you are a lover of miniatures, I urge you to pledge. This project will add a huge selection to a line of cheap, durable, high detail plastic miniatures that will help make adding minis to your RPG sessions, warbands and armies extremely affordable. The minis market needs this cheap option, not only to let new players have access to basic models at reasonable prices, but also to challenge those "premium" miniatures companies who say they can't make quality figures for cheap. Reaper is one of the biggest in the business, so if they can do it, so can others! We want our cheap minis!


If you a TRUE miniatures lover, you are going to want to pledge at the $100 Vampire level. There are currently 182 miniatures ( and more coming) offered at this level. That is 55 cents a miniature! There is absolutely no better deal out there at the moment. Even if you can't use all the figures, they still make cheap gifts and you can always trade 'em. Not to mention all the sweet add-ons you can unlock at this level. Dragons, giants, antediluvian terrors, all can be yours for an additional fee! Pledge already, damnit!

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