Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Few Tokens

Frostgrave is a game where spells are slinging all over the place and there are a few rules that require tracking, like reloading crossbows. While one of the things I like about skirmish games is that extra layer of depth and detail, sometimes it is hard to keep track of things without having to constantly write things down, reference sheets, erase marks, etc.

To try and cut down on that, I decided to make up a few tokens for effects I commonly use in my main warband. I'm lucky enough to have a big bag of random parts or two lying around that I received in trade, so I went digging and came up with these:

The top three quivers are reload reminders for crossbows. Now when I fire a crossbow I can drop a quiver next to the model, then pick it up when I've reloaded. It's a quick visual reminder and looks cool on the table. I'm not sure exactly what models the quivers came from but I know they are Games Workshop pieces.

The armored arms are tokens to place next to models I've buffed with the Strength spell. I tried to make them ghostly/magical blue to help them stand out. I'm not super happy with them, so I may go back and drybrush them again with white, but I'll see how they do in a few battles first. I don't want them so light they get lost on the snow mat. The arms are old GW Empire Knight arms.

And to model these lovely tokens we have Sir Hadrian, although he lacks the requisite crossbow to reload:

They should get the job done. These tokens, along with my fog walls I made a while back, should give me everything I need to track spells and minor effects without needing a pencil. As my wizard learns new spells, I should have some more fun token projects ahead.

That's all for now! Happy gaming!


  1. Great idea...I've just been browsing through your other Frostgrave posts and I like 'em. Great background fluff, and imaginative ideas! I must get on and do my warband. Have you seen Amera terrain? Vacuum formed and very light, so might not be too expensive to ship to you.

  2. Nice idea, our group was discussing the need for the Crossbow guys as well. Often they will indeed shoot & then want to jump out of LOS before the return fire begins. I may just utilize your idea as I prefer something like that to a big glass bead or somesuch!