Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dungeon: Corners and Crypts

Well, it has been a while since I've posted any real progress on my dungeon. Life just hasn't given me much time to work on anything, and some other projects have had to take precedence. However, I was getting tired of seeing plain white pieces in places, so I broke out the paint and did up a few small pieces.

As you can see, I chose some short wall pieces so that I could get some slightly larger rooms. I also did up some hallway caps so that I can have passages that end in something other than rooms or stairs. But I am particularly excited about these:

The corner wall pieces I have been meaning to do for a while. I love not having to be stuck with perfectly square/rectangular rooms anymore. The skull wall was also fun to paint. I love having a wall with buttresses and the skull, while kinda rough, is still creepy. Of course where there are skulls, there are crypts!

On the left you can see the tomb piece that came with the Dungeonstone set itself. On the right is Balin's tomb from the Mines of Moria box set that I had painted almost a year ago. I'm not a huge fan of the DS piece. It is kinda plain and blends in with the surrounding dungeon:

I think it will get used sparingly as a secondary crypt. Balin's tomb, on the other hand, looks suitably impressive:

Of course having all those pieces painted together means I can now assemble one heck of a burial chamber:

 Just watch out for angry wights!

With those pieces, all I have left are hallways for my dungeon, which means I am essentially done with the meat of the project. I will have to start looking for more furniture and monsters to populate it with! Reaper Bones Kickstarter, wherefore art thee...


  1. Nice work here. And I second that emotion-I want my Reaper! A friend of mine is at ReaperCon and I'll ask him if he knows anything when he gets home.

    1. Thanks. I know some people are getting theirs already. I'm just impatient!