Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dead Dwarves Drink No Ales

Another quick update on the dungeon project. The Mines of Moria boxed set has been invaluable so far in providing a little extra "lived-in" feel to my dungeon. With the addition of the crypt pieces I just finished, I figured it would be fitting to add some corpses. So I tackled the last 3 small pieces in the MoM set:

And here they are in the dungeon itself:

And finally, creeping out some living dwarves:

"I feel like maybe we should go back..."
With these done, the only piece from the MoM set I have left is the giant door. I don't think that I will be painting that anytime soon, though. It doesn't work well with the dungeon pieces and is kinda boring. Not at all spooky like dwarf skellingtons.


  1. Wow, I didn't know the MoM contained such cool stuff. Those bits are excellent dungeon dressing.

    1. Yeah...4 columns, a well, a tomb, 2 trap doors, a small chest, a giant door and the dwarf skeletons above. Add in the entire Fellowship, some goblins and a troll and it was quite a deal.