Sunday, December 27, 2015

Feeling A Bit Impish

Hello again and welcome to the December update. This one is gonna be quick and dirty, since I didn't have much time this month to make any real progress. However, I did crank out a couple of imps for Frostgrave, both for use in the bestiary and for the summoner I'm planning to run using my Thaw of the Lich Lord stuff. Anyway, here are the little buggers:

The imp on the left is a very old Warhammer Quest snotling I sculpted into a mini-plaguebearer long ago, mostly to see if I could do it. He is painted with only base coats and a brown wash, so I am rather pleased with the result. The imp on the right is a Reaper Bones familiar, sort of a mini fire elemental. To underscore it's supernatural nature, I did the flames purple. She's just drybrushing and I like the way she came out, though the sculpt is a letdown. It's kind of hard to remove a mold-line running directly through your main area of detail. Especially on Bones minis, which are bright white and hide detail to begin with.

That's the front and now the rear:

I like imp butts and I cannot lie.
 Not much else to say about these little guys. They were a fun quick project. Nothing terribly amazing but they'll do for the tabletop.

That's all for now! Happy holidays and happy gaming!

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