Thursday, July 10, 2014

Witches Be Crazy

The weather and my schedule of late haven't been co-operative with getting models primed, so I haven't made much headway on my Cryx. I was hoping to have everything done by August, at least for small battles. With the time I have left it could be doable, but I'm gonna have to rush.

I spent June, however, doing a painting challenge and chose my Warwitch Siren as the model to paint for it. I really like this model for a number of reasons, but one of those is not the metal nightcap helmet she sports. So I left it off and filled the back with putty, giving her a pointy, Dark Elf-y look that I think works quite well.

Now I like painting models with details and such, but this one was a little over the top in some cases. What a person does with three belts is beyond me. Strap after strap after rivet after strap. The contact for the arm and back spikes were a little weak, so after they snapped off after priming, I was forced to paint her in pieces. This is not something I normally do but I can see the appeal.

You can really see the helmet from this angle. This way it looks more like something someone would actually wear into battle and not for sleepy-times.

Not kidding. The original has a freaking tassel on the end...
I also added an extra rune to the end of the blade, which you can barely see here. My camera apparently disagrees with my artistic choices.

So much so that this is the absolute best shot I could get from it. I need to find my old phone and start using it just to take pictures. This auto-settings thing is ridiculous. I need macro in my life.

I ended up pretty happy with the way she turned out, and I can't wait to actually use her on the battlefield. Warwitch Sirens are great because they are speedy little bombs of "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" goodness for just 2 points. Add in the ability to provide an extra point of focus where needed and occasionally dousing the enemy in corrosive goo and you have a winner.

Anyway, that's this installment. Happy gaming!

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