Friday, November 9, 2012

A Little Bit Of Lovecraftian Horror

I haven't been as productive of late, so I haven't been posting as much. Life has been busy and on top of it I have been sick. Hopefully I will be able to post up a couple of game reviews and some painting projects, but in the meantime, here's a blurb of Lovecraftian horror that may inspire you in some way.

All at once a sound echoed down the tunnel, something like the scrabbling of a thousand rats fleeing some disaster over the stone floor. We angled the torch behind us and stood frozen as some "thing" slid into the light, rearing up as it was confronted by the brightness.

Its snake-like, chitinous body was black, the smooth scales shining in the glow of the torch. It had no legs, but was instead propelled forward on millions of pink tendrils that writhed and skittered on the tunnel floor. It was long enough that the tail was lost in the darkness behind it, but the part that was revealed to us was at least ten feet in length. Most horrible of all, where the head would have been grew only a cluster of tongue-like projections, wiggling obscenely as it drooled a thick, viscous liquid that hissed as it dripped on the stone below it.

We stared at it as it swayed away from our light, then suddenly it surged forward with a choked gurgling sound...

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